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Persistence and resistance: 2018 will be no exception

Dear friends,

There is no time for a break when it comes to fighting human rights violation: past aggressions have to be dealt with and future ones must be prevented. 

The fight for justice can take many forms. Sometimes, it materializes through an international campaign, asking an exiled dictator to answer before justice. Or through a report, addressing the prevalence of sexual violence myths...

But behind all these initiatives, there are individuals that must not be forgotten. Individuals, like you and me, fighting in the shadow. Local lawyers risking their lives, volunteers driven by hope, families battling every day to know what happened to their loved ones.

All of them, all of us, are little drops in the ocean. But history has shown that convictions are contagious. So let's continue to spread the strength of compassion, uncompromisingly. 

Enjoy the read, 

Selma Korjenić,

Head of Bosnia and Herzegovina Program




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