Harry Sarfo

15.01.2018 ( Last modified: 09.02.2018 )
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Harry Sarfo is a German citizen, born in Ghana. He worked as a postman for Royal Mail in London

In 2015, Sarfo joined the Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

In mid-June 2015, the IS executed six prisoners on Palmyra’s market square. Sarfo allegedly belonged to the squad that carried out the execution. He is reported to have guarded the prisoners and prevented them from escaping before the execution.

In October 2016 the Washington Post journal published a video of this execution where Sarfo is seen holding a pistol and firing in the victims’ direction.

After three months, Sarfo escaped the caliphate because of it’s “extreme interpretation” of Sharia Law.


Legal procedure

Harry Sarfo was arrested in Germany in July 2015 while returning from Syria. In July 2016 he was sentenced in Hamburg to three-year imprisonment for the membership in a terrorist organization.

In October 2016, the Washington Post journal published a video showing an execution of six prisoners on Palmyra’s market square by IS members, including Harry Sarfo. The German Prosecutor’s office then opened a separate case against Sarfo charging him with six counts of murder and war crimes. Currently detained, he is awaiting the decision whether additional accusations are legitimate and would not constitute a second punishment based on the same facts.



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