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In the meantime, President Barrow of The Gambia said in several press interviews on January 25 that he was “more than willing” to open discussions about Jammeh’s extradition if that course was recommended by Gambia’s Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission which has been established by legislation.    

The local actors are at the origin of the file because they are the ones who did the lobbying so the state and other international partners would get involved in the case. They are also the ones standing alongside victims of human rights violations. The situation is often too dangerous for victims to denounce their aggressors themselves because the risk of reprisal is too great. Therefore, the local actors take responsibility for denouncing and documenting the violations with which they are confronted.


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We were satisfied with the verdict. Now we must work to ensure that the victims receive material reparations. The torturers were ordered to pay damages but I am disappointed that the reparation amounts were not in proportion to the harm. 5000 USD for each victim cannot repair the harm suffered. There is still the problem of recovering these funds because most of the defendants do not have the means to give this money to the victims…

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After his university studies, Attorney Charles Cubaka Cicura completed several trainings on international criminal justice with Lawyers without Borders. Through TRIAL International, he completed trainings on representing victims of grave crimes before Congolese jurisdictions and regional and international human rights protection mechanisms.


Attorney Cubaka Cicura was then able to bring his skills to bear in several cases. These include the cases of Serge Maheshe – a Radio Okapi journalist murdered in Bukavu in 2007; the case of Colonel Kibibi, a commander of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC), convicted in 2011 of crimes against humanity; the case of warlord Kizima Sabin Lenine, sentenced in 2014 to life in prison for crimes against humanity; and the case of Colonel Becker in 2017.